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Why Cognitiv+

Discover Cognitiv+ Copilots: Automate document reviews quickly and affordably.

Improve Productivity
Cognitiv+ automates document classification, review, and data extraction. Get 7x faster results and free up your time for more important tasks.
Reduce Cost
Minimise review and classification costs and spend your time where it actually matters.
Make better decisions
Cognitiv+ opens up the world of hidden insights in your documents. Improve your decision-making with data-driven insights.
Mitigate risks
Reduce the risk of missing something: Cognitiv+ organises and assesses documents so that you have the full picture.

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Lightning-fast document review and analysis.

Productivity Boost
Reduce in document review and processing time
Decrease in costs
Increase in processing accuracy

Use Cases

How businesses use Cognitiv+

Professional Services
Automate contract reviews for risk and obligation clarity.
Extract actionable insights for on-site safety and compliance.
Securely monitor clinical trial obligations for faster development.
Manage supplier contracts intelligently for product quality.


Solutions by Industry

Service Agreements
Streamline service contracts for clarity and efficiency.
Finance Agreements
Enhance financial operations with automated critical information extraction.
Tender Assessment
Expedite decision-making with insights from tender documents.
Real Estate Agreements
Facilitate seamless real estate transactions with organized legal details.


Extract meaningful insights from your legal documents.

Key Terms and Conditions
Understand agreements comprehensively, focusing on key terms.
Contractual Insights
Extract valuable insights for risk, opportunities, and compliance.
Identify and monitor contractual obligations for proactive compliance.
Clause Extraction
Efficiently manage and extract clauses for detailed decision support.

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