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  • Upload and review documents.
  • Validate Results
  • Review Smart Summaries
  • Produce Reports Up to 1,000,000 words or 14 days

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  • Upload and review documents.
  • Validate Results
  • Review Smart Summaries
  • Produce Reports
  • Buy Additional credits starting at $120 with an extra 4,000,000 word credits.

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  • Upload and review documents.
  • Validate Results
  • Review Smart Summaries
  • Produce Reports
  • Available in Azure Marketplace
  • Improved Privacy
  • Invoicing via Azure Marketplace
  • Limitation 1 Kubernetes deployment

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Why Cognitiv+

Multiple documents inspection

Improve Productivity

Let our tech do the heavy lifting for you: document classification, review and data extraction 7x faster.
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Reduce Cost

Minimise review and classification costs and spend your time where it actually matters.
Road Direction Signs

Make better decisions

Open up the world of hidden insights that lies in your documents and improve your decision making.

Mitigate risks

Reduce the risk of missing something: Cognitiv+ organises and assesses documents so that you have the full picture.

Subscription Plans FAQs

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What is considered a “word”?

We count:

  • The number of words in your documents.
  • Which our ML models process for each insight in your chosen project type.

Each insight has an ML model that searches the text in your document, e.g. there is an ML model to look for Start Dates, another to search for Indemnities. There is also a small ML model that classifies documents when they are first uploaded, and this uses a flat rate of 250 ‘words’ regardless of how many words your document has.

Example: A user creates a project that has 10 insights, then uploads 20 documents with a total of 100,000 words.

First, 5,000 ‘words’ are consumed for uploading and classifying the documents (250 ‘words’ x 20 documents).

The user sends all 20 documents for review. This requires 1,000,000 credits (10 insight models x 100,000 words).

The total is therefore 1,005,000 ‘words’ to review these 20 documents.

Is there a page limitation on uploaded documents?

No, you can upload documents of any length.

What's included in my 14-day free trial?

During your free trial you can access all of our standard features and create any of the project types.

You can process up to 1,000,000 words, which is sufficient to review our product's capabilities.

What happens at the end of the Free trial?

You will receive an email reminding you that your Free trial is about to end. Your account will remain and you can buy more credits here.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for our subscriptions, subscription upgrades or subscription add-ons. It is important to note that we have a free trial, but not a free plan.

How can I buy more credits?

Visit the subscription page here to upgrade your account and get immediate access to more credits.